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  • “I'd always wanted to give MyConferencePass a shot, but I was skeptical as far as the price is concerned so I couldn't make use of it for the first year of device summit. But the second year was remarkable as we saw MyConferencePass in action. And now I can't help but imagine how things could have been different if we had embraced MyConferencePass from day one. With MyConferencePass, I record more ticket sales, stay more organized, have an engaging community that runs smoothly. Their top-notch support also caught my attention. MyConferencePass is a must have for any event organizer aiming to reach the pinnacle of their career. ”

    — Allison Cruz - Managing Director, Marketing

  • “When it comes to buying tickets to local events and seminars, MyConferencePass is the software I trust so well to help make it a stress-free and straightforward process. Using the site is pretty easy and fun too..”

    — Pablo Leon - Executive Director

  • “All I can say is that the MyConferencePass platform has sophistication and flexibility packed into one incredible package. Dealing with critical issues such as community, ticketing, marketing and B2B publishing has become a breeze. Thank you so much!.”

    — Aditi Desai - Member Services, Conference Registration, Procurement and Facilities Manager

  • “I'm blown away by the ease of use and the simplicity of the site. It's hard to think of a better service right now as I rely on it immensely and use it for every event of mine.”

    — Nelson Moore - Conference Program Manager

  • “ I rarely endorse products but I must say the experience I had with MyConferencePass has been nothing short of positive. I used this to organize and market a few events, and my team has never stopped singing its praise. A Facebook friend recommended it to us, and I still feel I owe him a nice treat. I would gladly recommend MyConferencePass a thousand times over.”

    — Tiffany Johnson - Executive Assistant

  • class="black_t"“ I rely on MyConferencePass both as an organizer and a participant, and I just can't think of a better experience at this stage. It combines everything I need into one complete, easy to use package. Their customer support was always quick to respond when I needed help, and I'm happy to recommend them to every event organizer out there.”

    — Jerry Parker - Chief Executive Officer

  • “ When it comes to the management and marketing of events, MyConferencePass is simply phenomenal. It's a must have for every event organizer and planner as it boasts of lots of integrations to appropriate technology platforms. It also makes publishing and broadcasting events to communities possible with just a few clicks. In short, MyConferencePass is simply an excellent software to have.”

    — Mark Webb - Managing Director, Sales

  • “ I promote events, and MyConferencePass has got me covered when it comes to selling tickets to attendees in the most organized way. I find the event profile layout, checkout and ticket view to be impeccable.”

    — Scott Collins - Chief Operating Officer, Director Conference Quality

  • “ The MyConferencePass team has worked hard to ensure that its user interface is great and straightforward enough for any event organizer to understand. We are extremely satisfied with the simplicity it offers our team. They understand the importance of customer service, which is why we can always count on them..”

    — Emily Cox - Managing Director, Sales

  • “ We were with another event management program, but their system was just too complex for our team to learn and put to practical use, so we had to dump them. Then came MyConferencePass and our team has never stopped wondering why it took us so long to make the switch. We love the fact it's easy to use and highly customizable. It's been perfect for us, and we love it..”

    — Olivia Simpson - Managing Director, Meeting Planning and Coordination

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